20 young people have their say on tackling youth homelessness

July 5, 2017

This month has seen the first of the young and homeless focus group meet up.

Working alongside Homeless Link, our aim was to consult the young people on the development of the surveys for Young and Homeless Research 2017. We had 20 young people from across England attend with their own stories and opinions on how to develop the surveys.

The day included young people getting together and discussing the causes of homelessness, the best ways to prevent youth homelessness and the current support available for homeless young people. The young people were then given the opportunity to look over the survey for Young and Homeless Research 2017 and asked to feedback on it.

“Today was very well organised – it was nice to meet up with other young people in situations like mine and talk about what we could do to prevent it from happening to other young people. I really feel like I could make a difference being here” – Young person.

“St Basils and the National Reference Group have worked alongside Homeless Link on this report for several years. HOWEVER 2017 sees a new approach to the research – This year young people have been able to share their experiences of the reasons why young people become homeless, as well as their experience of prevention, support, and move on services. In addition, they have contributed to the development of the survey to ensure the right questions are being asked in order to collect an accurate account of youth homelessness.  This focus group was all about encouraging young people to share views, experiences and debates on priorities (which they all did absolutely brilliantly!!) The next stage of this work will be looking at key recommendations that come out of the survey later this year. This is an awesome opportunity for young people to share their invaluable experience on a national level.”

-Tamzin Taylor-Rosser – National Youth Engagement Manager

We would like to thank Homeless Link for giving us the opportunity to facilitate such an important and worthwhile event. We would also like to thank the wonderful young people that came along with confidence to share their experiences and talk openly. We look forward to the next focus group.