Peer Mentors Training 2019

August 22, 2019

Youth Voice offers varying levels of engagement through out the programme. These are categorised as: Year 1 Induction; Year 2 consultation; Year 3 trainee mentoring and facilitation; Year 4 Peer mentoring. To ensure the trainee mentors and peer mentors are supported to offer help to younger and newer members of Youth Voice, they are asked to participate in training courses. These courses allow members to develop skills around active listening, empathetic understanding, team building and confidence building; alongside completing an OCN Level 1 certificate in Employability and Development skills.

This year’s Peer Mentors took part in the first section of their training in the Lake District. They completed tasks and activities to aid the development of their peer mentoring skills, these included; hiking to Colwith Force waterfalls and then on to Church Quarry, as well as canoeing around Lake Coniston where Youth Voice members jumped of a cliff into the lake.

Each Youth Voice member completed the course with great enthusiasm and really positive attitudes, it was a fantastic experience and a real chance to get to see the peer mentors work in action.

Well done!