LandAid Youth Voices is a pilot scheme launched with funding from The Mace Foundation with 4 young homeless people being appointed as LandAid’s inaugural Youth Voices.

The Youth Voices will support the charity by engaging LandAid supporters, in the property sector, to capture views, ideas and lived stories from their peers.

The 4 Young Voices have received training in safe storytelling, public speaking as well as developing skills in video production and social media. This has enabled the Young Voices to present confidently and successfully at LandAid events, sharing their homelessness experiences with graduates and chief executives within the property industry.

Tamzin Taylor-Rosser, National Youth Engagement Manager at St Basils, said: “Young people have the capability to inspire and energise professionals in a way which no other speakers do. This is a fantastic and exciting opportunity for members of National Youth Reference Group to be involved in this exciting pilot project that looks to amplify young people’s voices in the property industry and raise awareness of youth homelessness.”


Paul Morrish, CEO of Land Aid, said: “If you want to find out about what it’s like to experience homelessness as a young person, there is no one better to listen to than a young person who is or has been homeless. With reports and statistics flying around, it can be easy to forget that we’re talking about real people, dealing with very real situations. I’m delighted to welcome our four Young Voices, and look forward to working with them to raise awareness across the property industry of the challenges facing some of our most vulnerable young people.” LandAid’s Young Voices will be making appearances at events throughout the year. Keep an eye on our website for opportunities to see them in action or get in touch with Sally Robinson for more information on the programme.