LandAid Youth Voices 2018-19 is a continuation of the project run in conjunction with Youth Voice in 2016-2017.

The second year of the project will support Youth Voice to train 12 young members to become Peer Mentors and support the less experienced members for Youth Voice on their journey. The LandAid project will also support the Peer Mentors to receive PIE training and create videos and other media which tells their stories.

Tamzin Reynolds-Rosser – Youth Voice Project Manager:

“I am delighted with the opportunity of working with LandAid once again, this project gives young people’s voices a further national platform. The Peer Mentoring programme funded by LandAid enables us to offer a bespoke creative programme to train young people to become mentors and build their own resilience to enable them to support young people to have their voices heard on a local, regional and national level.”


Paul Morrish, Chief Executive, LandAid says: “If you want to find out about what it’s like to experience homelessness as a young person, there is no one better to listen to than a young person who is or has been homeless. With reports and statistics flying around, it can be easy to forget that we’re talking about real people, dealing with very real situations. Which is why LandAid is so pleased to be able to support Youth Voice once again. As a charity LandAid works hard to place the stories of young people at the centre of work, and we have a firm belief that with education, support and guidance all young people can move forward to their positive futures – and this is exactly what Youth Voice helps them to do. We’re so excited to be a part of this again.”


Keep a look out on LandAid’s website for updates and more information. Or get in touch with Emily Hamilton, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager for more information.