Why is Youth Voice important?

January 10, 2019

Youth Voice member Amy shares her experience of Youth Voice and discusses why speaking up for change is important to her! 


“When I first started Youth Voice I didn’t so much as look up off the floor let alone interact with the other members or staff.

I had such low confidence I may as well have not been there as I didn’t bring much to the table, however the other members and staff constantly reassured me. They always made me feel like I COULD interact and nobody would laugh at me if I did speak, this made me realise I was in a safe place to just express myself without fear of judgement.

I went to about 10 sessions over the course of two years and the people within Youth Voice lifted me up and built me up more than anyone had done in my whole life. I felt like I really belonged amongst the other young people, where as before I didn’t feel worthy to even have a voice.

I’ve been asked to do many important things within Youth Voice (Parliament speaking, conferences, etc.) and I’m always amazed that they believe in me enough to do those things. With their guidance I attended a conference and spoke in front of many, many people which is something I would have never ever done without the help and support of Youth Voice.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t well enough to do a talk about myself at Youth Homeless Parliament but a good friend stepped in for me and that is just another beautiful testimony to Youth Voice as a whole – we stick together and if something happens we all deal with it together. Nobody gets left behind and that is something truly awesome I have learnt from Youth Voice and the skills I have learnt I transfer into my everyday life.

My goals are to continue engaging with Youth Voice and to continue on the straight path I am on currently. There is many things I wouldn’t of done had it not of been for Youth Voice, they have given me the tools to be me and that is priceless.

Thank you”