Young and Homeless Advisory Board

November 5, 2019

Homeless Link are the national membership charity for organisations working directly with people who become homeless in England. They work to make services better and campaign for policy change that will help end homelessness. Homeless Link publish an annual report called Young and Homeless, resulting in the dissemination of key recommendations to national delegates at their annual Young and Homeless Conference.

On Friday 1st November, Youth Voice members attended the first of many Youth Advisory panel meetings with Molly Zakra, Research Officer at Homeless Link. The Young and Homeless Report 2020 is influenced using a specialist research and advisory panel, obtaining and analysing data with Molly, this year the Youth Advisory Panel will be made up of Youth Voice members. The Panel of young people will help and support Homeless Link to gain an in-depth understanding of causes, effects and the impact of homelessness to young people.

The aim of the panel will be to meet at key stages of the research including: Planning, data analysis, report drafts, dissemination, having direct input within each stage. The Young and Homeless Advisory board will be the main co-production initiative throughout this research project. Research questions will be prioritised in partnership with the panel members and disseminated via Molly and Homeless link; informing further round table discussions and focus groups, with a collective of homeless young people and professionals from organisations across the country, including; Centrepoint, Depaul, ATK, Barnardos, UK Youth and Young Minds.

Youth Voice members attending the first panel meeting set an agenda to discuss;

  1. Pathways in to and out of homelessness
  2. How to build resilience
  3. Positive and negative experiences of service provision
  4. Prioritising research questions
  5. Offering key recommendations to improve services
  6.  How health can be impacted by homelessness (health audit)


The Youth Voice members will complete Youth Advisor panel meetings until June 2020, when all data will be collated, key recommendations made and report published and disseminated at the Young and Homeless Conference 2020. Youth Voice are extremely enthusiastic to work alongside Homeless Link and cannot wait for their voices to be heard in a such an impactful and positive forum.