Youth Voice Launch Event Coming Soon

January 17, 2018

THE YOUTH VOICE PROJECT will be hosting a project LAUNCH on Wednesday 21st February 2018, 3pm-8pm. This will incorporate elements of our project, allowing St Basils resident’s to become more aware of the engagement opportunities we offer Locally and Nationally. We are inviting up to 100 young people to attend this event and would like as many projects represented as possible; we will have musicians, activities, workshops and food!

Due to changes within Parliament we are awaiting confirmation of this year’s Youth Homeless Parliament, which HOPEFULLY should be held at the end of March 2018, HOWEVER this will be scaled down significantly from 100 young people to 30. Therefore, to support the development of our Parliamentary report, we will be holding consultation sessions within the LAUNCH so as many young people can have their voice heard as possible. This data will then be collated and developed into a Parliamentary report. The selection process for young people to attend the main event in March, will be as fair as possible, based on attendees of the launch.

For further information contact or Tamzin